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Rescue Pet Transport (RPT) is an animal transport service dedicated to non profit Washington State rescues and humane societies. Our focus is on helping with the rescue and adoption of Washington State dogs and cats.  RPT provides bimonthly transport between Eastern Washington and Western Washington with Yakima Humane Society and Seattle Humane Society serving as the meeting points for transfer.  If your location is north of I-405 we would be happy to meet at an agreed location off of I-5. 



All fees paid in prior to transport


Please inquire


 Please inquire

XS Crate (Toy Dogs/Puppies): 
Small Crate (Small dogs - ex; Chi’s): 
Medium Crate (Dogs up to 35-40#): 
Large Crate (Dogs 40# - 70#): 
Jumbo Crate (Dogs +75#): 
Jumbo Crate (Litters +/- Mom): 
Volume transport: 

Small or Large Cat Crate: 
Small Crate (Litters +/- Mom): 
Volume transport: 

The following crate sizes are available for standard transport. If necessary, we can remove
and add crate sizes to try to accommodate individual transport needs. Please inquire with
any specific requests to

1 Jumbo - 3 Large - 4-5 Small/Medium - 8 XS/Cat




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